Museum of the American Revolution

What was life like in Philadelphia during the Revolutionary War?

The Museum’s new discovery center, Revolution Place, brings to life the Museum’s lively, diverse Old City neighborhood during the 1700s and invites visitors to learn through hands-on exploration. Revolution Place features four key recreated historical environments – a military encampment, a tavern, a home, and an 18th-century meeting house – to immerse and engage your group. Visitors will enjoy experimental elements, interactive touchscreens, reproduction objects, and special programming set against colorful murals that evoke scenes from 18th-century Philadelphia. The Museum explores the dynamic story of the American Revolution using its expansive collection of Revolutionary-era weapons, personal items, documents, and works of art. Immersive galleries, dynamic theaters, and recreated historical environments bring to life the events, people, and ideals of our nation’s founding. This Museum engages people in the history and continuing relevance of the American Revolution. Enjoy some free time on your own for shopping.

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